Pangnirtung Fjord. Baffin Island, Canada. 2015. Photo: Lex Taylor

I’ve worked as a software designer and developer since graduating from the Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP) at NYU, (MPS) in 2001. I’ve taught graduate and undergraduate courses and workshops at NYU, NYU Abu Dhabi, Columbia, and CUNY. My interests have always focused on the ways in which emerging technologies have disrupted the methods in which we learn, teach, and author at the university level. I am the founder of Tome, a platform for archiving coursework, and creating collaborative, media rich publications. I have also traveled extensively for work, taking several trips to the arctic in remote Inuit hunting camps, to Middle East, South America, and Asia. Throughout these travels, food has become my way of knowing. Foods and they way they are gathered and prepared speaks volumes to the people and places I visit.

In the last five years I have begun to devote more time and energies to my cooking. Though I have always done BBQ events and pop ups, the allure of tangible, consumable creations became more and more appealing. My first real entry was as a contestant on Esquire TV’s The Next Great Burger competition. I was labelled the underdog as I competed against some of the top rated Zagat burger chefs in the country. I beat out all 12 other competitors with my New Orleans inspired beignet burger with saffron aioli, and pear jelly and won a cool $25k. From there I published Grill Fire with Sterling press and have appeared on numerous other shows and TV segments. 

My focus lately has been on creating foraged and farm based seasonal tasting menus and hosting private events.