Hello, and thank you for your interest in Lex Taylor catering services. I have been catering in the New York City and Hudson Valley regions for 15 years. From small, private dinners featuring 5 courses with wine and beer parings, to 150 person BBQ’s. I strive to make memorable experiences for my customers by working with them to develop custom menu items, presentations and plating arrangements, and exciting locations. From corporate events in Soho, Private dinners on Park Avenue, to open fire cooked multi course meals and drink parings in the remote wilderness. Hit me up and see what kind of event we can do.

Ingredients represent your landscape, flavors reflect the people, and dishes honor culture and tradition. It’s an honor to source meats and produce from local hudson valley farms. With lush land and a fresh interest in farming means we can get some of finest foods harvested that very day. My interest in food is a result of my travels; always searching for new recipes, amazing techniques, as well as the stories and traditions behind these meals. Having family from Sweden, Mexico, and Cameroon, I have made these cuisines my focus. But my love is for BBQ and grilling. Live fire and coals, outdoors with wood, fire, and iron. Grilling meats is what made us human, and hundreds of thousands of years later there is still nothing more rewarding than enjoying smoked and roasted meats while sitting around a fire.

Catering Menu

Hickory Smoked Grass-fed brisket with Nordic pickles and pasilla BBQ sauce

Cheeseburger w/ aged cheddar, pear jelly, saffron aioli on a deep-fried beignet

Swedish meatball sliders with gravy and lingonberry jelly

Apple smoked baby back ribs. fig compote, fresh herbs

BBQ Mexican/bulgogi chicken

Gravlax. Salt cured Salmon

Shrimp gumbo

Chilles rellenos. Chile ancho, goat cheese, root vegetables, pine nuts

Roasted hen of the woods mushrooms with ponzu sauce & serrano chile

Pork belly takoyaki. Okonamiyaki sauceĀ 

Seasonal Salads

Seasonal vegetables